Pro Series Limited

$4,000 includes STI/BCG Frame


A comprehensive build list for your individual gun will be completed at the time of order - these features available at no charge:
 All parts to complete limited class gun - short or long dust cover gun setup to not lockback after last round  Slide fit to frame 0.001 clearance
 Brazos Custom Gunworks logo  Includes DLC finish of your choice
 Bushing or bull barrel  Lightning Rod fiber optic front sight of your choice
 Trigger pull set to customer's specifications  Adjustable  rear sights
 Several different front sights available  Chamber cut to minimum specs
 Chamber freebored for loads up to 1.25 OAL  Barrel ramp angle cut for most reliable feeding
 Big Mouth Magwell  Ambi safety
 Radical slide lightening  Includes one Supertuned 140mm magazine set for no lockback
 Steel guide rod Available in 9mm or 40 S&W

Options available at extra charge:
  Ultragrip grip system - $60
Tungsten guide rod - $90 6 inch version - $300 extra


This is a true custom gun built to fit your hand, and built to fit your shooting ability/style.  I spend a lot of time with my customers discussing their particular needs in a gun.  Then together we decide what pistol will best fit your individual shooting ability and style.

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