Information for Brazos Custom Gunworks Customers:

A deposit is required for all custom and special order guns.  A deposit of $700 is required for full custom limited guns, $1,000 for full custom open guns, and $400 for STI guns (not in stock).  The deposit is due at the time of the order and secures you the next available delivery slot.  Turnaround time varies based on the current number of outstanding orders.  You will be given the next available delivery slot (projected finish date) when you order and provide a deposit.  Call for information on the next available slot . The balance is due when the gun is sent off to be chromed or blued prior to delivery. This is usually about 2-3 weeks prior to when the gun is ready.   For deposits and the balance due, we accept credit cards or a cashier's check.  If you send a personal check, we will wait 10 ten days for the check to clear before recording receipt of the payment.

Cancellation of Order:

If  you decide to cancel your order for a custom gun for any reason before work has actually started on your gun, there will be a $250.00 cancellation charge for handling/paperwork.  If you cancel once work has been started, you must pay for all work completed to that point plus the $250 handling charge. Any gun more than 30 days past notification of completion with an unpaid balance will be sold to re-coup our investment and we will retain your deposit.  For STI gun orders, there will be a $100 cancellation fee plus any expenses incurred by us (i.e., credit card fees, shipping, etc.) Once you take receipt from your F.F.L. dealer all gun sales are final - no returns or refunds will be allowed.

We must ship complete guns to an FFL dealer for whom we have on file a signed copy of the FFL.  We ship guns by way of UPS 2-Day air.  If you are shipping a gun for repair to us, please use only UPS or FedEx addressed to Brazos Custom.   Be aware that other shippers (i.e., DHL) to not provide timely service to our location.  Do not label the outside of the package in any way to indicate a gun is contained inside. Please call to advise us the day the gun is shipped so that we can track it. 


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