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We carry a full line of STI double-stack guns, single-stack guns, frames, slide-to-frame fits, and short-blocks.



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Current stock status on DVC pistols:


DVC Limited 9x19 In Stock
DVC Limited 40 S&W In Stock
DVC Open 9x19 In Stock
DVC Open 38 Super In Stock
DVC Steel 9x19 In Stock
DVC ClassiC 9X19 In Stock
DVC 3GuN 9X19 In Stock
DVC Steel 9X19 In Stock




STI Edge


STI Edge

High Performance Edge





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STI parts, STI guns

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To enhance our high-quality inventory of 1911 products, we carry a full line of STI parts, frames, and guns. Shopping for STI parts is quick and easy at 1911Store.com.  For STI guns, please call 254-622-2245.   



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