Convert Your C-More Serendipity to a Slide Ride

by Bob Londrigan, published in Front Sight Magazine, January 2007

Let’s say you have a well functioning C-More Serendipity scope.  However, one of mounting holes has cracked…or you want to mount it to your new AR…or you simply want to switch over to a single sided mount.   These are just a few examples of why you might want to convert your C-more Serendipity scope into a Slide Ride or even a Railway mount type of sight.  You could send your Serendipity off to C-More, and they would replace the case for about $65 plus shipping.  Or, with only a few simple tools and about 10 minutes of your time, you could do the conversion yourself.   If you choose to do this yourself, then read on as I explain how it is done.

First, assemble the tools necessary for this job.  You will need:


Cut off legs

Start by cutting the legs off the C-more with your hacksaw. Don’t cut them too close to the actual body -- leave about ¼ to 1/8 inch of the legs intact as you will trim them up later. 

Bottom of scope after legs have been cut off

Drill hole in bottom

After you’ve cut off the legs, it’s time to drill some holes.  On the underside of the scope toward the front, you will see a 3/16” hole.  This hole is underneath the part of the scope that holds the lens.  Using this hole as a pilot, drill upwards through the part of the scope that holds the lens.  Keep the hole square with the scope and make sure you don’t hit the portion of the scope holding the lens.  For this step, it works well to hold the scope in a padded vise.   Be careful not to apply too much force as you may crush the case.

Drill hole in top

Once you’ve drilled this hole, flip the scope over and drill down through the top with a 5/16 drill bit again using the 3/16” hole as a pilot.  Drill only through the top layer and not through the bottom.  Important: Be careful while drilling this hole, because after you cut through the first layer, the drill will grab and want to go the rest of the way through.  You are drilling this 5/16” hole as clearance for the head of one of the 10-32 cap head screws that will hold the scope to the mount. Do not drill all the way through the bottom section. You need the smaller hole in the bottom section or the hole will be the same size as the head of the screw, and you won’t have anything to hold the scope to the mount.

Hole for scopemount screw

Exposed circuit board Once you’ve drilled these holes, remove the cover from the bottom of the scope that covers the electronics.  Use the picture for reference to locate the three slots on the back side of the cover (towards the inside).  Insert a knife or small blade into one of these slots and pry up the cover.  Now take off both the battery cover and the piece that holds down the dot module and set them aside. 
Remove screw from circuit board If you look closely at the circuit board, you will see that it is held in with two T-8 torx screws.  Remove the one furthest to the rear of the scope.  It is the one that comes up in between the dot module and the battery.
Drill hole in circuit board Once you have removed the torx screw, drill a 3/16” hole from the bottom side using the screw hole as a pilot.
File bottom of scope Now it’s time to trim off the remaining portions of those legs you cut off earlier.  It’s best to use a belt sander for this step.  Go slowly and make sure the bottom of the scope is square.  Otherwise it won’t sit straight on the scopemount/railway.  

Square scope bottom

You are now ready to mount your scope to the scopemount or Railway plate.  You will need two 10/32 x ½ inch socket head cap screws.  Screw the scope to the mount and then check to see if the screws stick out of the bottom of the scopemount/Railway.  If they extend beyond the base, grind them a little shorter and try again. Once you have them the right length, dab on some blue Loctite and screw them down.

Slide Ride scope on scopemount

Replace your battery cover, replace your dot module cover, and you are done.  Now all you have to do is decide to which gun you want to attach your new C-More Slide Ride scope.  

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