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Short and Sweet (11/2002)
Discusses the evolution of the shortened open gun. 


Light vs. Heavy (01/2003)
Provides guidelines on deciding whether to add or remove weight from your competition gun. 

Home Pistolsmithing 101 (03/2003)
Discusses what you can do to make your gun shoot better and more reliably..

Ejection Perfection (09/2003)
Provides tuning basics to get your gun performing with 100% reliability. 


Tuning for Maximum Match Performance (01/2004)
Discusses what you can do to maximize your chances of getting a flawless performance out of your equipment during a match.

Achieving Practical Accuracy (03/2004)
Looks at  “practical” accuracy as the ability to hit an exact spot on the target under match conditions.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Gun Ailments, Part I (05/2004)
Focuses on properly diagnosing your gun’s reliability issues by using the type of malfunction as a guide. 

Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Gun Ailments, Part II (07/2004)
Discusses how to diagnose and treat gun malfunctions -- that is, any malfunction not solely caused by ammo or magazines.

Trigger Tuning Tips (09/2004)
Explains how certain adjustments can affect the feel and reliability of your trigger. 

Preventive Maintenance (11/2004)
Presents useful tips on preventive gun maintenance that will help keep your gun in top shape.


Winterizing Your Gun (01/2005)
Discusses putting your gun up for the winter/off season so that you'll be ready to go in spring.

Disassembly/Reassembly of Your STI/SV Gun (03/2005)
How to take your gun down to the very last piece (or at least as far as you should ever go), give it a good cleaning, and then reassemble it.

Fiber Optic Front Sights (05/2005)
How to install and maintain fiber optic front sights and how to use fiber optic sights.

Slide Lock Back or Not? (07/2005)
The pros and cons of having your slide lock back or not after the last round in a magazine is discharged.

Recoil Management (09/2005)
How to evaluate and alter perceived recoil.

Minimizing Wear and Tear on Your New Gun (11/2005)
What you can do to your keep your gun looking and functioning like new for as long as possible.


Front Sight Installation (01/2006)
How to install a front sight into the dovetail cut on a slide.

Fitting an Ambi Safety (03/2006)
How to install an ambi-dexterous safety.

Katrina Victim Rises from the Muck (05/2006)
How two flood victims were restored to full shooting potential.

Performance vs. Reliability (07/2006)
How to balance performance against reliability when making changes to your gun.

Getting the Most Out of Your Compensator (09/2006)
How a properly designed and implemented compensator can produce a system that helps control the recoil and muzzle flip of your pistol.

Fitting a New Extractor (11/2006)
How to install and adjusting an extractor.


Too Hot to Handle (01/2007)
What you can do to control heat in order to minimize wear and tear on your gun.

Convert Your C-More Serendipity to a Slide Ride (03/2007)
How to convert a C-More Serendipity sight to a C-More Slide Ride sight.

Top Ten Maintenance Issues (05/2007)
Ten maintenance issues that must be taken care of to insure a well functioning, reliable pistol.

Breaking In Your New Gun (07/2007)
How to break in a gun so that it will provide you with years of reliable service.

Preparing Match Ammo (09/2007)
How to make sure your match ammo will not let you down.

Tooling Up (11/2007)
What tools you need to do certain types of work.


Getting a Jump on the New Year (01/2008)
How to make sure everything is in top working order and planning for coming shooting season.

Drop In or Not? (03/2008)
How to determine which parts are drop and/or what level of expertise is needed to install a particular part.

Brass Can Bite You in the... (05/2008)
How to examine brass to make sure it will function reliable.

Safety Check (07/2008)
What do you need to check to be sure that your pistol is working in a safe and proper manner.

Are You Listening to Your Gun? (09/2008)
How to listen for signs of trouble with your gun before trouble happens.

Get Your Extractor Right the First Time (11/2008)
How to make sure your extractor is functioning well.


Maximize Your Options (01/2009)
How to determine the best gun options for shooting Limited Division competition.

Cleaning and Lubing Your Gun (03/2009)
How to clean and lube the top end of your gun.

So You Want to Shoot Steel (07/2009)
How to tune your gun and your load to shoot a lower power factor.


Adjusting Your Grip Safety (01/2011)
How to desensitize or pin your grip safety.



1911 parts at Brazos Custom