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Since our inventory status changes daily we do not list in-stock status online.  Please call (254-622-2245) to see if we have in stock the gun you are interested in .





STI Double-Stack (2011) Guns


Model Brazos Price
Staccato C DUO $1,699.00
Staccato C2 $1,999.00
Staccato C DUO $2,499.00
Staccato P (2019) $1,999.00
Staccato P (2020) $1,999.00
Staccato P  DUO $2,499.00
Staccato R $1,999.00
Staccato XC $4,299.00
Staccato XL $3,399.00








STI Frames


2011 Frame Kits with black grip, long trigger, mainspring housing, mag release

Standard Wide Frame Kit, unramped


Standard Wide Frame Kit, ramped


5" Frame Kit, wide only, ramped (matches 5" slide)




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